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The rapid industrialization and globalization has developed an environment for free flow of information and technology through various fast and efficient means world over. This has led to shrinking of world, bringing people from different culture and environment together, giving rise to a global village. A shift has been taking place in India from closed economy to knowledge based and open economy since last few decades. In order to cope up with the challenges of handling new technologies, materials and methods, we have to provide human resources having appropriate knowledge, professional skills and attitude. Technical education system is one of the significant components of the human resource development and has grown pretty well during all these years and now it is time to consolidate and infuse quality aspect in the delivery system. Technical education plays an important role in the socio-economic development of the country in general, emancipation and empowerment of poor and disadvantaged groups / population in particular. It provides varied type of manpower. It is backbone of a country for its infrastructural, industrial and Economic development.. Our technical education system provides the practical engineering education to students so as to groom up their personalities to such a level that they create a mark not only in the growth and development of our own country but also make a remarkable
and positive dent in developed knowledge economics of the world. The polytechnic education caters to the need of Industry / Govt. Departments / Public Sector Undertakings / Defense / Railways and all other employers by providing skilled technicians, supervisors and middle level Technical trained man-power. In the coming years there is going to be greater demand for skilled man-power, not only in the service sector but also in the core manufacturing industry. Indian Technicians have already demonstrated their worth globally. 

To become a world class centre in providing globally relevant higher education in the field of enginering, technology and applied science embedded with human values.
To foster an intellectual and ethical environment in which both skills and spirit will thrives so as to impart high quality education, training and services with an international outlook and to create and develop technocrats and business leaders who will strive to improve the quality of life.

To provides cost effective and quality education at par with the best in the country.
To educate and train diploma level students who can become leaders in various disciplines of engineering technology.
To develop sense of responsibility, discipline, commitment professional ethics and inculcate sprit of Entrepreneurship among students.
To contribute to the task of nation building by churning out well educated, confident and highly trained technocrats.
To meet an ever-increasing demand for competent engineers, technocrats, professionals for executing various projects in private and public sectors in India and abroad.
To provide latest and advanced books on engineering, humanities and personality development through well equipped library.
To provide qualified, well experienced and dedicated faculty for the maximum benefit of students.
To provide practical training of out side educational institute, private industries and government organizations to help students gain insight into complexities real world of engineering.

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